Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ave! Ave! Sancta Dei Genetrix

For those in the know, this is from a mass at the CIEL Conference 2006 in Oxford. This is one of the key Conferences for the "Reform of the Reform" and the reassertion of Tradition in the Divine Liturgy.
You are my God

A beautiful pictoral reflection on the power of Eucharistic Procession on the youth. Features Fr. Stan Fortuna.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Eucharist descended August 27, 1997

This is a video taped miracle associated with Julia Kim in Korea. She was suffering in reparation for aborted babies when a large Eucharist manifested from the shrine.
Eucharist on fire

This is the testimony of the man who shot the video posted bellow.
Eucharistic Miracle

I have seen this miracle with my own eyes. It happened in Betania, Venezuela when Fr. Otto was saying mass there. This is the famous video where the miracle in the shirne was being video taped and the Eucharist burst into flames of the Holy Spirit. You can see the flames here yourself.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Jesus in New-York

This is a great video, another from the Grassroots Films people. Watch it, you will fell the power of the Faith!
Legionary Video

A Vocations Video from the Legionaries of Christ.
Jock Priest

This is a great witness story of an all star athlete who gave it all up for a vocation to the priesthood.
Fishers of Men

This is a sample of some of the good work being done by Grassroots Films in N.Y.
Why am I Catholic?

An evocative home made work. Have a look.